The HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto for Women and Girls

The HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto for Women and Girls

  • By admin.awpcab
  • January 27, 2022

The HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto is a collection of voices of African women and girls in all their diversity, feminists, and HIV prevention advocates across Southern and Eastern Africa who are united in calling for continued political and financial support for HIV prevention choice. Biomedical HIV prevention is at a historic turning point, but only if countries and funders heed evidence-based demands that programs must emphasize choice – not individual products – and that research and development of new prevention options continues. For the first time in the history of the HIV epidemic, it is possible to build a prevention program centered around choice – offering an array of options, including oral PrEP, the Dapivirine vaginal ring, injectable Cabotegravir, and condoms, with straightforward language about risks and benefits, as well as supportive counseling in selecting options that meet an individual’s needs.



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