Who we are


The board is composed of 12 women from 7 countries representing both East and Southern African nations.The main focus of the website is to ensure the choice agenda/ manifesto is easily accessible in order for it to be a reality to all women once it is rolled out.
Eastern &
Southern Africa
Choice Agenda access and rollout
Young women and Girls included
National, Regional, and Global Levels


  • 2010:

    Advocating for Contraceptive Options and choices – the first Global CAB, ECHO trial and options and choice agenda in the ECHO Trial and recommendations
  • 2016 Dec:

    HPTN 084 consultation and pre-meeting with advocates on trial design and plans
  • 2017: Aug:

    HPTN 084 consultation to review the study plans and build partnerships
  • 2018:

    Advocates tracked the trial hold on HPTN 084 following data on NTD related to DTG, which is in the same class of drugs as CAB
  • 2019:

    Advocates continue to follow the enrollment and conduct of trials
  • 2020:

    • March: HPTN publishes and presents trial data, noting the presence of ‘masked infections’ and testing considerations. Advocates break down trial results (e.g. conferences sessions, webinars, materials and briefs, etc.)
    • May: HPTN 083 early efficacy data
    • Mid to late-2020: Planned communications & advocacy around result scenarios for HPTN 084 results, ensuring options for women remain a priority; engaged in consultations /webinars around key issues; updated materials
    • November: HPTN 084 early efficacy data
  • 2021:

    Advocates prepare for introduction of CAB for PrEP; other projects (BioPIC, MOSAIC, ViiV) focused on introduction kick into high gear
    • WHO/AVAC Think Tanks on implementation studies and HIV testing, with active participation of advocates