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Derrick Mutimuli

Knowledge is power, but so is choice. The HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto advocates for informed decision-making. Join the movement and

Nigel Nzalla

Choice empowers. Let's invest in research and development for a wider variety of HIV prevention methods. Stand with the African

Robinson Muigai

We've come a long way in HIV prevention, but there's more to do. Let's ensure all women have access to

Rachel Mazera

Every woman deserves the power to protect herself. The HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto is a powerful call for action. Add

Taonga Kamanga

I stand with African women and girls! Their right to choose their HIV prevention method is critical. Sign the manifesto

Statement from the Gilead’s Purpose 1 Global Community Accountability Board, The African Women’s Prevention Community Accountability Board, Our Partners and Community Partners

We congratulate Gilead Sciences Inc. on achieving this remarkable milestone with the ground-breaking interim results from the PURPOSE 1 HIV

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