WACI Health is an Africa regional advocacy organization, which influences political priorities through an effective, evidence-driven Pan-African Civil Society voice and action. We champion the end of life-threatening epidemics, and improved health outcomes for all in Africa, by influencing political priorities through evidence-driven Pan African Civil Society voice and action.

Organization Background GEM is a registered nonprofit, local, and women-led organization working with girls and young women to advance and promote their agency to lead, inspire, and drive social change in Malawi. Founded by passionate women advocates, we support equitable building of skills and access to opportunities for girls and young women through mentorship and coaching, leadership development, educational support, social and behavior change interventions and services. We amplify the voices of girls and young women and empower them to be change agents and leaders in their own lives and that of their families and communities. Vision A world where girls and young women have the agency to lead, inspire & drive social change in every sphere of life. Mission Statement Our Mission is to support equitable building of skills and access to opportunities for girls and young women through mentorship and coaching, leadership development, educational support, social and behavior change interventions and services. 

Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign (TALC) is a local NGO that was established in 2005. TALC seeks to contribute to scaling-up and improving HIV treatment and prevention in Zambia. This is in line with the national HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support priorities.  In order to ensure equitable access to health for all, TALC works to influence policies and programmes in order for them to be responsive to the needs of PLHIV and the general population. This is to ensure effective and efficient HIV and health service delivery in Zambia. TALC promotes HIV and health service delivery and uptake for people especially PLHIV within the community systems approach by enhancing” synergies, effectiveness and impact through comprehensive rights-based approaches and advocacy.

ACTS101 Uganda is a young-women led NGO advocating for the health and wellbeing of adolescents, youth, girls and women based in Uganda. We catalyze action by bringing together diverse voices and interests to drive progress for equitable access to universal health services, with a particular focus on sexual and reproductive health and and ending the HIV epidemic.

Pangaea Zimbabwe (PZ) is a non-profit organization initially registered as a Trust in 2012 (Trust Deed MA909/2012) and transitioned to a Private Voluntary Organization in 2020 (PVO# 10/20). Pangaea works to improve the health and well-being of people in Zimbabwe with a special focus on those affected by and infected with HIV. PZ partners with governments, academic institutions, researchers, community-based organizations, private sector, civil society and communities to bring about transformation through the provision of quality health care, education and opportunities for meaningful economic participation. We do this by using evidence-based interventions and research to develop and deliver novel programs that increase access to services, change behaviours and improve lives. PZ is committed to supporting progress towards universal health coverage, HIV epidemic control and ending AIDS by 2030.

AVAC is an international non-profit organization that leverages its independent voice and global partnerships to accelerate ethical development and equitable delivery of effective HIV prevention options, as part of a comprehensive and integrated pathway to global health equity.

Organisation based in Cape Town South Africa focusing on Advocating for the rights of women and girls, women’s health and self care, gender based violence and HIV prevention research

DARE is a young women-led NGO based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, registered under the Tanzanian NGO Act since 2019. DARE operates nationwide with a primary focus on promoting meaningful community engagement and ownership in designing and implementing comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) including HIV and general health services. By actively involving communities particularly adolescents and youth as leaders, experts, and partners, DARE prioritises their insights and leverages digital advancements, including creative use of social media, to influence policies and programs hence bring services directly to where they spend most of their time.

The International Community of Women living with HIV Eastern Africa (ICWEA) stands as a beacon of advocacy and support for women living with HIV across the Eastern African region. As a dynamic and membership-based organization, ICWEA is dedicated to amplifying the voices and visibility of women impacted by HIV&AIDS, recognizing that gender inequalities lie at the core of the epidemic.

ICWEA firmly believes that women must not only be acknowledged but actively engaged in the decision-making processes surrounding HIV policies, programs, and laws that directly influence their lives. Despite the sobering reality that “HIV has a woman’s face,” women often find themselves marginalized from critical discussions and decisions affecting their sexual and reproductive health and rights.